Thermostatic Blending Valves

Thermostatic Blending Valves are an important safety feature to ensure water cannot reach taps at an unsafe temperature. By using a thermostatic blending valve you can prevent accidental scalding and injury. They work by sensing the temperature of incoming hot water, then thermostatically blend a variable amount of cold water to the hot water feed, thereby achieving selectable maximum temperature setting. The outgoing water temperature is normally limited to around 41-44°C depending upon requirements. Once they are installed and set, the valves operate automatically, monitoring the outgoing temperature as soon as a tap is opened. They are easily installed under a sink or a bath or another convenient location. It is important that the installation of these valves is carried out by qualified engineers. These types of valves are essential in buildings where there are vulnerable people. We assist many of our customers with the installation of thermostatic blending valves, we can also repair and overhaul them and carry out annual inspections and testing, provide the supporting documentation for your building management folder.

Types of Thermostatic Blending Valves:

  • A J Gummers
  • Myra
  • Meynell
  • Caremix
  • Peglar
  • RWL
  • Horne
  • Sirrus
  • Honeywell
  • Saracen

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