Pressurisation Units / Expansion Vessels

A pressurisation unit is a mechanical means of pressurising a system being heating or hot and cold water services and generally eliminates the need for a cold water storage system in the roof. It comes complete with operating pressure switches and in some case high and low pressure interlock switches. They are suitable for use in a wide range of applications where a header tank cannot be fitted.
Conventional heating systems are provided with a feed and expansion tank, normally positioned above the highest point in the system. This feeds the system with water, accommodates expansion and replaces losses due to evaporation.

This arrangement causes air to be absorbed into the water with resultant corrosion of heat exchangers, pipework and boilers. A sealed system limits air intake and corrosion to a minimum and only needs fresh water make-up to replace any losses caused by leakage. Higher flow temperatures may be used in sealed systems which, with larger temperature drops, permit lower water circulation rates, smaller pumps and reductions in pipework sizes, all with obvious cost-savings. Custom features and options are available to find out more please email us.

Types of Pressurisation Units / Expansion Vessels

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  • Megaflo

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