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Clay Pipes - copyright KazakovWater systems in ancient times relied upon gravity for the supply of water, using pipes or channels which were usually made of lead, clay or other natural materials. The romans were not only famed for their building of roads and their systems of law and order but also for their bath houses which relied on transporting water in to the bath house by aquaduct. Hot and cold water systems were already in use in Greece, but it was the romans who¬†developed the ideas into much more lavish affairs. The Latin term “plumbus” translates to “lead”. The plumber was a worker in lead who repaired or installed the apparatus of water distribution in and to a building. This description has lasted into modern day industry albeit with a modern day range of materials and systems.Repairing water pipes - copyright abbesses

Modern day plumbing sees a network of high pressure pumps and pipework which is now made of copper, brass or plastic and other non toxic materials. Plumbing is usually distinguishable from water and sewage systems as a plumbing system services one building while a water and sewage system services a group of buildings or a city. Newcombustion engineers are fully qualified to deal with all your plumbing enquiries. Whatever your problem with plumbing call us and “Tap into the best”!

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