Flue Dilution System / Flues

All boilers during their working hours form products of combustion. These are gases that are potentially dangerous. It is therefore necessary to ensure that these products of combustion are discharged safely into the atmosphere. A flue is a purpose made duct to carry out these duties. Materials of a flue can range from cast iron and steel, stainless steel and now even plastic due to the high efficiency and low exhaust gas temperatures of moden condensing boilers.
Flue dilution systems is an arrangment of ducting incorporating a fan unit which mixes fresh air with the products of combustion, normally at a ratio of 10 parts air to 1 part product of combustion, which then allows safe disposal of the diluted products of combustion at a lower level directly to the outside. We install, test and maintain such equipment.

Types of Flue Dilution System / Flues

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