Domestic / Commercial Boiler Repairs

In general terms a domestic boiler has a range up to and including an input of up to and including 70kw net. Above 70kw net the installation is considered to be commercial. For example if you had a 70kw net boiler this would be deemed to be a domestic appliance but if you had two 40kw boilers connected to the same system, this would then be classified as a commercial installation because the total net input is greater than 70kw.

Newcombustion provide a fully qualified service to repair any type of domestic and commercial boiler, be it gas, oil or electric. Whatever your requirements are, whatever boiler you have (gas, electric or oil) with Newcombustion you are backed by over twenty years experience. Whether large or small, we can cater for you needs.

The key to our efficiency is maintaining a large stock of spares readily available for our engineers so breakdown time can be minimised.

We stock a wide range of the following: boilers, pumps, valves, expansion vessles, expansion bellows, pressurisation units etc.

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