Commercial Boiler Replacement & Installation

In general terms a domestic boiler has a range up to and including an input of up to and including 70kw net.  Above 70kw net the installation is considered to be commercial.  For example if you had a 70kw net boiler this would be deemed to be a domestic appliance but if you had two 40kw boilers connected to the same system, this would then be classified as a commercial installation because the total net  input is greater than 70kw.

Commercial boiler replacement and installation - Picture © PKM1Newcombustion specialise in domestic and commercial boiler replacements. We can provide a bespoke boiler installation for all sizes and locations in the South East to meet the customer’s needs.

From the early thoughts, to prestart meetings to the commissioning of the plant, we are involved at each step of the way. But it doesn’t end there, we provide a full aftercare service because we know that the customer deserves more.

We take great pride in our work particularly on refurbishments and installations we like to see each one as a work of art.

We can work to specifications provided by architects, surveyors, consultants and building contractors.

“Thank you – to the gentlemen who installed our new boilers with such care and thought.”

The Residents -  Residential Home, Worthing

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