Case Studies

Earning the trust and confidence of prospective clients can be a tough challenge.   Before we begin to earn business we need to be able to demonstrate our ability to deliver on our promises.

Case studies are an invaluable asset when it comes to establishing proof that what we are offering is valuable and of good quality.  We hope that by sharing some of our recent projects,  we will offer an insight into the work we do and offer potential customers the ability to engage with us from the very beginning.



Case Study – Upgrade of boiler room, complete with flue system replacement.

Site: Dryden Court, London:  a communal block of apartments with a total of 50 dwellings.

Contract Value – £69,000.00

Client – 24hr Property Service on behalf of Dryden Court Resident’s Association

Role Responsibility – Principal Contractor

Client Brief and Objective

  • To provide new replacement gas fired boilers to serve hot water and heating due to the inefficiency of the existing plant compounded by ongoing reliability problems
  • To retain the existing hot water system and maintain throughout the installation works
  • To provide a new plant room arrangement that was simple to control, reliable and brought value for money in terms of capital expenditure

Survey of Existing Installation

The existing boiler plant serving the property consisted of two Ideal 200Kw floor standing atmospheric conventional flue gas fired boilers, which were approximately 30 years old. The boilers had an efficiency rating of 75% but were in a poor order – resulting in efficiencies far less than this original badge rating. They were controlled by a complex optimising and compensating energy management system.

The boilers served compensated variable temperature heating circuit to the property as well as serving primary hot water to 2no. 1000 Litre Calorifiers. The pipework arrangement was an open vented system


To ensure our proposal would meet the value for money criteria outlined by our client, we initially carried out heat loss calculations for the building. This study enabled us to determine the exact requirements in terms of boiler capacity.

We selected Worcester Bosch GB162 100KW boilers on a cascade system complete with a plate heat exchange to separate the boiler primary circuit to ensure added protection for the boilers. The primary circuit for the boilers was converted to a sealed system in line with boiler manufacture’s recommendations. A complete new condensing flue system was designed and installed by a specialist flue company to ensure compliance.

We designed and constructed in a house a new boiler room control panel complete with high efficiency controls to ensure the new boiler plant runs to optimum performance always and provide end user ease of control.


On completion of this installation we had provided a cost effective, reliable system with low running costs. Gas consumption savings were delivered by installing boilers with a 110% efficiency rating. Improved controls brought about further savings, particularly the main plant controller, which can control the building at different temperatures at different times of the day and allow the boilers to sequence on demand as required.